Terrorism, death and love on a Monday morning walk

Terrorism will not defeat New Zealanders – we Kiwi will resist it all. Proud of our Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, this speech will become the benchmark for other leaders to follow – no autocue, just straight from the heart.

My Monday morning walk today was to visit the local Wellington Masjid – three days after the terrible terrorism in Christchurch at the Al Noor Mosjid resulting in fifty deaths – and still, people, all over New Zealand, Kiwi are coming to pay respects, to offer help and leave flowers.

My Monday morning walk was to visit the local Wellington Masjid – three days after the terrible

terrorism in Christchurch – and still, people are coming to pay respects, to offer help and flowers. As we arrived a local boys’ school was performing a haka.

I’ll let the photos do the talking of the Wellington Islamic Centre, Kilbirnie Mosque

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To put this into some numeric perspective – with a population of under 5 million, these fifty deaths in New Zealand is the equivalent of 3500 people dying in a country the size of the USA.

Donate here https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/christchurch-shooting-victims-fund

Flowers in Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

According to Lonely Planet this peaceful Indian garden in New Delhi was originally named after the wife of a British Resident, Lady Willingdon, who apparently had two villages cleared in 1936 to landscape a park to remind her of home!

True or not, today it’s named after the Lodhi-era tombs of the 15th century Bara Gumbad tomb and mosque, as well as tombs of Mohammed Shah and Sikander Lodi, and the Athpula bridge across the lake, which dates from Emperor Akbar’s reign.

The gardens were re-designed in 1968 and are well worth exploring – although it took my Uber driver his GPS and about three lots of directions by taxi drivers to find!

Evidently it’s one of the best jogging parks in Delhi and I saw school groups exploring, photographers, and people practicing yoga and meditation in the peace and quiet.

Later I will make a blog or two of the birds and other things I saw there.






Kota Kinabalu: capital of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

Kota Kinabalu , Sabahis very different to it’s neighbors State capital – Kuching, Sarawak – and if you are new to Asia, this would be a very easy place to start exploring the region. Food is often the stumbling block for travellers but here you can choose from many western style eateries . . . as those who know me through Facebook, or this blog, know, I mostly eat local food wherever I am.  Today I grossed out some of my friends with the photo of durian I’d just bought for Sunday breakfast. ( from the weekly Gaya Street market).

However this blog is not about food but just a few of the highlights from my time here – to date.

KK (as the city is often called) has the KK City Bird Sanctuary only 2ks from the city centre … I emerged from there an abject failure as  birder as could hear many of the 80 species there, but saw few. Seems I’m more of a social birder, requiring big slow birds to watch. But it WAS high tide so not a good time in among the mangroves; well that’s my excuse.

Boardwalks are essential in mangrove area
I did watch these ants carry a crab claw home ... they have good taste
KK City Mosque - the biggest here, and arguably the most beautiful in Malaysia
Walking back from the city mosque I did see a feww of these birds
The Atkinson Clock Tower where I had my inelegant fall
A purple heron keeps its distance at KK wetlands
Pot-bellied proboscis monkey .... quite an unfortunate face too!
And finally, the naughty long tailed mcaque!

Not everything has been covered, so more highlights in another blog. (I went to see the proboscis monkeys with a bus/boat tour with TYH Borneo – http://www.tyhborneotours.com )

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