Earthquake: Christchurch photos one year on

Sadly, this was Johnson's the Grocer in Colombo St

Sept 4th 2010 was the date of  the earthquake in Christchurch, so here are photos one year on from my home city.

I was one of the lucky ones – I woke to the early morning quake and just held onto my mattress thinking  ‘if the building collapses I’ll land on something soft!’  My apartment was 3 stories high and in the inner city – and I  was naked. The power didn’t go off: very little fell over, just a few cups, and one framed photo (of me being arrested in 1981 during the disputed Springbok Tour) which had the glass broken.  Over 7000 quakes and aftershocks later, that apartment is still fine and still being lived in despite being in the red zone for some time after the Feb 23rd quake – by which time I had moved to Wellington … a  decision made some four months before the Sept quake.

With the radio on (National Radio NZ of course) and reports of power out, I texted them to say my part of the inner city power was still on, and soon started tweeting.

#NZ #Earthquake

Heather Hapeta
kiwitravwriterHeather Hapeta
7.4 quake this am . broken picture . power on in central city. so having coffee …… quite a wakeup call . my cat is still hiding
Earthquake Report
ShakingEarthEarthquake Report

by kiwitravwriter
New Zealand Christchurch hit by a Magnitude 7.4 earthquake:
Heather Hapeta
kiwitravwriterHeather Hapeta
power still on in central chch … it was scary … more shocks right now
Here are some more photos I’ve taken during July and August 2011 ….  make sure you see my post re Christchurch being open, and see my other quake pics!

So many signs show Christchurch humour - sometimes black, but funny!


Cnr St Asaph and Manchester Sts


Blax, Montreal St, has been open the whole time: I was having coffee here by about 8am on Sept 4th

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guesthouses in thailand


reclining buddha - Wat Po Bangkok
reclining buddha - Wat Po Bangkok

Found this on twitter  from travellingman (follow me on twitter


I am a frequent traveler to THAILAND. When traveling outside of Bangkok, I often stay at a local guesthouse rather than a conventional hotel. Besides saving some monies, staying in a guesthouse allows me to sample the local flavor and it is a more conducive environment for meeting fellow travelers. In addition, the informal, carefree ambiance of most guesthouses suits my personality better than the somewhat stiff and fabricated environment of many traditional hotels. Guesthouses are usually small family run affairs – ranging from no frills hostels with simple dormitory like accommodations and shared bathroom facilities (popular with the young backpacker crowd) to the luxury “boutiquish” affair with amenities comparable to a small hotel (popular with the older crowd and families). As they say different strokes for different folks!

check out more recommendations from him here  

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