So long, farewell – my final blog

Dear readers,

Covid, lack of travel, and few opportunities to publish in print, means it’s time to hang up my travel writing pen.

Although I wanted to be a writer as a child, I had no idea how that was achieved by anyone – who pays a writer I wondered. I only knew men went to work and got paid weekly – they bought their wages home in a little brown envelope.

So, I became an accidental travel writer. During the late 90s I attended a 6-week, couple of hours a week, a writing course where I was encouraged to submit a story to a magazine – I did and it was published.  

Since then, I have had numerous stories printed and have a large clipping file – this despite dyslexia and an inability to spell (thanks spellcheck) – had a travel memoir, and two small books published, as well as having a few stories accepted for anthologies, so finally, late in life, I achieved that childhood dream.

My books, Naked in Budapest: travels with a passionate nomad; Surviving Suicide: a mother’s story, and A love letter to Malaysian Borneo are no longer in print, but are available, free to download, on Amazon, as e-books.

My writing will now be confined to family stuff and maybe some short stories for anthologies.  

Thanks to all who followed my writing – despite the bad spelling and grammar that popped up frequently. If you like photos, I will be still using Instagram.

And, if you too dream of writing, know it can happen.

That’s all folks, and haere ra from down-under in Aotearoa – New Zealand, Love, Heather

Author: Heather - the kiwi travel writer

Nomadic travel-writer, photographer, author & blogger. See more on and Amazon for my books (heather hapeta)

14 thoughts on “So long, farewell – my final blog”

  1. Heather, I never thought you’d retire, and I’m still not sure you won’t be out there in a few months when things change. I always admired the way you live without fear or hesitation, and manage the practical things so intelligently. You do great things for others, including me. I’m sure I’m one of many who can’t thank you enough.


  2. Naked in Budapest was such a great title and read! You are inspiring and thanks for giving the world your words! Kia kaha aroha nui.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your amazing travels through written word and photos. It been wonderful to arm travel around the world with you.
    Best wishes – bonnie

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  4. Well done Heather for setting a good example and achieving those childhood dreams with courage generosity & imagination. You shared this with many people from all over the world myself included thankyou. I wish you happy days in the next chapter of your life. Love from Pauline Taylor

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  5. This is the best example of a life well lived Heather, where you went where your heart led you and shared those profound experiences with us. Thank you. I will be reading those books…
    Aroha mai.

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