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MY NEW EBOOK: A Love Letter to Malaysian Borneo. Or, can this travel writer be green? ($us4.99)

Melbourne (February 2015)
Tasmania (February 2015)

Florida (June/ July 2015
Georgia (July 2015)
California (July 2015)
Sarawak, Malaysia (August 2015) on my wish list for the Rainforest World Music Festival
Dubai (October 2015
Oman (October 2015)
Northland, New Zealand (Jan 2016)

Dunedin (NZ)
Kapiti Island (NZ)
Malaysian Borneo
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Another book is due out very soon (topics - Borneo & eco travel) and will be on Amazon with my other two books

I'm being interviewed about some of my travels on NZ Radio (National/Nights) mid/late March

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Dame Ngaio Marsh – New Zealand’s Queen of Crime

April 23, 2015

One of the worlds queens of crime, Dame Ngaio Marsh  was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and a while ago I wondered if her house had survived the quake: I’d assumed ‘yes’ given it’s wooden and is in a relatively unscathed part of my old city.

The “Ngaio Marsh house” suffered only minor damage during the  2010 /2011 quakes that rocked the city.  Sited on the lower Cashmere Hills meant the damage to the area was less than other places the city and Canterbury – a chimney had been demolished and the sewerage pipe was broken but repairs have been made to both.

Their website said “The house was well shaken, creating a considerable mess with small items and books widely distributed over the floor. However, nothing of special significance was lost apart from a few pieces from Ngaio’s glass collection.”

So, the house remains basically as it was and is still open to visitors – as are most things in Christchurch.  See what Wiki says about our beloved Christchurch treasure –  Dame Ngaio Marsh

I took these photos during my last visit to the house in May 2010 – my first visit was for a fairly wild party in the early ’80s – not long after her death!

Just some of her books .. how many have you read?

New ebook on green-eco travel. The Kiwitravelwriter explores Malaysian Borneo

April 15, 2015
Mum and baby enjoy hotel bananas

The Kiwitravelwriter explores Malaysian Borneo in her new book … and uses her travels to consider how green she is, or isn’t: it’s a combination of essay and memoir. (Sorry, but no photos in the book – see my blog posts for them)


The long title says it all “A love letter to Malaysian Borneo. Or, can this travel writer be green?” 

The cover photo was taken in Tabin Wildlife Sanctuary by a young Italian man – who, incidentally, was the person who first spotted an endangered clouded leopard during a night safari we were on in the same area.




Food, glorious food: oysters, berries, and chocolate

April 7, 2015

From oysters, berries, and cheese through to chocolate, my gourmet food and sightseeing  day trip with Bruny Island Safaris had it all: beaches, history and wildlife and for any foodies delight, meeting some of the producers of our food tastings.

One of those producers was an ex-teacher who turned an Adventure Bay paddock into a productive berry farm in only 3 years. A berry I’d not heard of was my favourite – Jostaberry – a thornless blackberry-gooseberry cross.

The Bruny Island Cheese Company has artisan cheeses, great breads, and many other foods in their shop and cafe-restaurant. It was a very popular stop, not just with my group but many others who were also enjoying tastings or their meal.  The award-winning chutneys, pâté, & pastes (made on site) at the Bruny Island House of Whisky were award-winning for me too – of course, others preferred the whisky tasting :)

Bruny Island is about the size of Singapore, has a population of 600, and thousands of visitors each year – with nearly all arriving by the regular and frequent vehicular ferry (15 mins, no booking needed).

More blogs to follow!

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Gap filler in post-quake Christchurch

April 6, 2015

Gap Filler have been active in Christchurch since the 2010/11 quakes and have fostered the arts in many ways and have helped keep Cantabrians entertained and involved in many many ways. A big shout-out to all the volunteers who have given us all so much pleasure.

Here are some photos I took of the Pallet Pavillion  (2013)  on the site of the ‘once was’ Crowne Plaza – now to relocate about a block away.

Simo, who had a  fabulous restaurant in the Crowne now has other fabulous places to eat out despite being quake-shaken from two other places.

Shucked oysters in Tasmania

April 5, 2015

Oh yes shucked oysters!  My next blog will be about the food tasting I did while on a day tour with Bruny Island Safaris. Oysters will lead the way of course – watch this space in a couple of days.

Photo of the day – Christchurch New Zealand

April 2, 2015

This is one of my favourite Christchurch Cathedral photos.


Wildlife Sanctuary – near Melbourne, Australia

March 17, 2015
Mr Grumpy!

Many thanks to Grayline for hosting me on this fun day trip which included the Puffing Billy trip (see  an earlier blog) food, wine and chocolate. It also had stop at Healesville Sanctuary  which is part of  Zoos Victoria and we arrived just in time for the bird show.

I think the best way to introduce you to this sanctuary is to give you a slideshow about some of my time there  … naturally being there in the flesh is way better and I hope this encourages you to pack a picnic lunch and go, or do as I did and go on a day tour with Grayline.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let have another look at that bird that hit my camera, which hit me and created a huge lump and cut in my eyebrow – seemed it didn’t like the close up i wanted to take! I don’t know what part hit me, maybe the straps hanging from his legs, his body or wing, but whatever it was, it was an unexpected and hard wallop!

Travel writers – just going that extra length to get a story huh!

A second before it collides with me!

A second before Australia’s biggest raptor collides with me! See the mean look it has!


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